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Local Contractor appointed to replace Sands Centre RAAC roof

Contractor appointed to replace Sands Centre RAAC roof

Cumberland Council has appointed Carlisle-based contractor Cubby Construction Ltd for the design and build of the replacement Sands Centre RAAC roof.

Following a detailed structural assessment of the roof last year by specialist engineers, a recommendation was put forward to replace the RAAC panels in the auditorium roof.
The assessment of the roof was undertaken following the change in government guidance on the use of RAAC in buildings.

Cumberland Council has undertaken a procurement exercise to appoint a contractor and the appointment of the successful contractor has now been confirmed.

The council will now work with them to finalise a design and programme to undertake the works. It is anticipated that this next stage will be finalised by the Spring.

Funding has already been secured from within existing council budgets. The costs and timeframes will be confirmed once the final design work has been completed.

Mitigating steps to allow The Sands Centre to continue hosting events for a temporary period were ruled out the advice received was not to use this part of the building.

Following the temporary closure of the auditorium in October last year, GLL, who manage the venue on the council’s behalf have moved their classical concert programme to the sports hall within The Sands and some event organisers are using alternative venues within the city, including the Old Fire Station and Stanwix Theatre.

Leader of Cumberland Council, Cllr Mark Fryer, said:

“We look forward to work with Cubby Construction Ltd to make the necessary improvements to The Sands Centre.

“Based upon the findings of the independent structural assessment and the engineers recommendations, we needed to action to ensure the safe use of the auditorium.

“We have accelerated our plans to replace the RAAC roof as we need to protect the safety of the public whilst also providing the investment opportunity to modernise the overall experience when attending events at The Sands Centre.

“Plans were already in place for the roof, so we have already taken steps to get the replacement work underway. Now that we have identified a contractor, we get things underway and make the essential investment in one of the region’s premier entertainment venues.”

Tommy Cubby, Managing Director, Cubby Construction Ltd added:

"Embarking on this significant project to replace the Sands Centre RAAC roof underscores our commitment to ensuring the safety and modernisation of one of the region's premier entertainment venues. At Cubby Construction, we are honoured to be entrusted by Cumberland Council to carry out this vital task. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship and timely delivery will be the cornerstone of this endeavour, ensuring a seamless transition for The Sands Centre.

“Together, we look forward to not only upholding safety standards but also enhancing the overall experience for audiences and eventgoers. Let the construction commence, marking the beginning of a new chapter for this iconic venue."

The temporary closure of the events space does not impact on the day to day running of the main leisure centre.

The new main Sands Centre building’s leisure provision is unaffected, which includes the pools, gym, studios and sports hall.