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PLUSONE Terms & Conditions

PLUSONE Terms & Conditions

The purpose of PLUS ONE is to ensure safety of the individual in an emergency, where a companion is essential to meet this need. 
The aim of this scheme is to facilitate the independent escape of those with access needs as far as possible in the case of an emergency.
This includes but is not limited to; escape in case of a fire, associated fire safety measures, or safety in the event of an emergency evacuation.

PLUS ONE includes, but is not limited to;
•    Wheelchair users 
•    Those who are hearing impaired
•    Those who are visually impaired
•    Those with cognitive disabilities 
•    Those with Neurodiversity

PLUS ONE works on the principal that you and/or your nominated companion are responsible for your own escape, which will be facilitated by the building management. This implies that you also have a responsibility to co-operate with the provisions of your own escape plans. 
If required, the venue can provide you with a non-specific Personal Evacuation Plan. 

PLUS ONE ensures that the venue do not discriminate against any individual as we take steps to overcome any physical barriers that make it impossible or unreasonably difficult for an individual to use our venue. 

The management agree to keep escape routes clear and free from obstruction and to ensure that exits are readily available for use on quick-release doors and exits.

If you require any additional support during an emergency evacuation, in addition of your carer’s capabilities, you must co-operate by identifying yourself to front of house staff and give any information necessary.

The management will ensure that all staff receive suitable training as part of their fire safety risk assessment and that the scheme features as part of our Emergency Action Plan. 

Previous membership of ECAS will not automatically guarantee membership of PLUS ONE. Each application is evaluated on a case by case basis at the discretion of management. 

Booking Process 

To book a ticket that includes a PLUS ONE ticket, you must call 0333 33 55055 and choose the ‘access’ option. The process will be as follows.

  1. A member of the venues ticketing team will secure your desired seats by reservation over the phone, please make sure you highlight your requirement for a PLUS ONE ticket (s) at this stage. We will require an email address to enable this booking. 
  2. You must then complete our online PLUS ONE application form. 
  3. Once received the submission will be processed ASAP. If approved you will then be contacted for payment (Valid phone number required). If rejected you will receive an email of our decision and all available options including the right to appeal. 
  4. Please note in order to ensure there is adequate time to process this kind of booking contact the box office no later than 14 days in advance of the event start date. Any requests received after this time will be judged on a case by case basis and although we will endeavour to process the booking this may not always be possible.  
If the form and required evidence is not received within 7 days then your tickets will be released and the reservation will be cancelled. 
You have the right to appeal our decision. If requested, your case will be passed on to our independent appeals officer. They will then look at the case and we will aim to have a response within 30 days*. *(a response is not guaranteed within this timeframe) 

PLUS ONE tickets are applicable to all seats up to the value of a standard ticket*. This does not include VIP tickets or Meet & Greet tickets. PLUS ONE cannot be used in conjunction with any offer, concessions or promotional discounts.

*Standard ticket refers to the top price ticket for the event you wish to attend, any price breaks wouldn't be eligible and customers will be charge the value of one ticket at the top price available on that performance (excluding experience tickets i.e. VIP, Meet & Greet, Merchandise Gift tickets etc.)  

We retain the right to review, amend or withdraw the PLUS ONE tickets at any time.

Any tickets purchased under PLUS ONE must be used by you and a companion who accompanies you to the performance.
Staff have the right to check the ID of the companion at any time. 

The companion named at the time of booking must be the same companion who attends.

We reserve the right to check ticketholders' proof of eligibility at the venue and, in the event that valid proof of eligibility is not provided, refuse any such ticketholders admission to the venue or ask such ticketholders to leave the venue.