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Venue Policy & Procedure

Policies & Procedures

Bags Policy  

The safety and security of customers and staff is of paramount importance. As a security measure, we undertake bag checks upon entry to our buildings which can occasionally cause a slight delay for customers gaining entry into the venue. . We ask that customers don’t bring any suitcases or large holdalls with them as there is not space to store them (any bags larger than cabin size [H 550mm x W 450mm x D200mm] cannot be stored in the lockers and should not be allowed into the venue.) Small personal bags (A4 size: 210mmx 297mm or less) can be taken into the auditorium subject to a bag search. Exceptions may be made for those with medical requirements and/or special needs (contact should be made with the venue ahead of the customers visit.) 

Security Searches 

We advise that all customers arrive early to allow time to get through our security and safety checks. Customer’s bags may be searched upon entry and we therefore ask customers to consider keeping bags and possessions to a minimum. Wand searches and or pat downs may be carried out on customers.

Detection dogs may be seen around the venue prior to and during events.  Again they are an additional measure to contribute to venue safety.

Prohibited Items 

In order to comply with our Licensing Objectives, the terms of our license and to ensure customer safety there are certain items (listed below) that we will not allow into the venue. If any of these items are found during the outlined security checks they will be confiscated, disposed of and not returned. We advise customers to check they do not have any of these items upon their person before trying to enter the venue. 

Prohibited Items Include but not limited to: 

•    Weapons of any kind (Real or Replica) 
•    Firearms (with or without permit)
•    Pocketknives, multi-tools, or knives of any size
•    Pepper Spray or Mace
•    Flares or Fireworks
•    Illegal Substances
•    Alcohol 
•    Outside Food and Beverage [unsealed] 
•    Laser Pointers/ flashlights greater than 3"
•    Professional or flash photography, tripods, monopods, selfie-sticks
•    Audio or Video recording devices
•    Skateboards, hoverboards, rollerblades, scooters, or bicycles
•    Full facial coverings such as masks
•    Balloons, permanent markers, spray paint, silly string
•    Noisemaking devices (e.g. Air Horns, drums, whistles)
•    Large or pointed umbrella

Rude & Disruptive Behaviour. 

Our venues are committed to creating a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our patrons. To achieve this goal, we have implemented a policy on rude and disruptive behaviour. This policy applies to all patrons of our venues, including those attending live performances, films, and other events.

What constitutes rude and disruptive behaviour?

Rude and disruptive behaviour includes, but is not limited to:

• Shouting, using profanity, or making loud noises that disrupt the performance or disturb other attendees
• Talking or whispering loudly during the performance
• Using electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, or laptops that emit bright lights or noises that are disruptive to the performance
• Bringing in outside food or drink or engaging in other inappropriate behaviour that is disruptive to the performance or other patrons
• Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol and behaving in a disruptive or unruly manner

Consequences of Rude and disruptive behaviour

If a patron is found to be engaging in rude or disruptive behaviour, venue staff may take the following steps:
• Request that the patron stop the behaviour immediately
• Ask the patron to leave the performance or event if they do not comply with the request to stop the behaviour
• Refuse entry to the venue or ask the patron to leave the premises altogether if the behaviour continues or is particularly egregious

In some cases, the theatre may also contact law enforcement if a patron's behaviour is threatening or dangerous to other patrons or staff.

Our venues take the issue of rude and disruptive behaviour seriously and appreciate your cooperation in creating a safe and enjoyable environment for all of our patrons.

Alcohol and intoxicated behaviour 

To conform to our licensing objectives only alcohol purchased in our bars can be consumed on the premises. Alcohol brought into the venue will be confiscated. Intoxicated behaviour will not be tolerated as staff are here to ensure all patrons have an enjoyable and safe experience - unruly patrons may be refused entry and under these circumstances, no refund shall be offered.  

Bar Times 

Customers must be aware that bars will close 5 minutes prior to the advertised start time. This is to allow time for customers to be seated ahead of the performance. The bars will remain closed throughout the performance (both acts) but will reopen 10 minutes before the end of the act/end of the performance; if customers choose to leave the auditorium to be served at the bar within either act they will not be permitted back into the auditorium until the start of the interval or end of the performance. 

The only exceptions to this would be for a performance where there is advertised support and the bar will remain open for the duration of the support act. 

Standing concerts are exempt from the bar times policy, bars will remain open throughout the duration of the event. 

Ticketing Scanning & Entry Policy

In addition to the outlined safety policies, The Sands Centre team may be operating scanning units to validate tickets upon entry. As with other security procedures, customers should allow enough time to pass through the relevant scanning and security check points. Customers must also make sure that they are in possession of valid tickets before attempting to enter the venue as per the term and conditions, if a ticket is found to be invalid “the Management reserves the right to refuse admission in reasonable circumstances including, without limitation, for health and safety, licence restrictions or where a ticket is void.” Scanning will usually occur before the customer reaches the security checkpoints. It may also be necessary to hold customers outside of the venue prior to the advertised door times to help facilitate this entry procedure, in which case customers that are already inside the venue prior to the scanning process commencing may be asked to vacate the venue and re-enter passing through all relevant entry & security points. 

Late seating policy

Late seating will be at the discretion of the venue management and will depend on the nature of the performance and the seating arrangements. In general, we will do our best to accommodate latecomers, but we cannot guarantee that they will be seated in their originally assigned seats or that they will be admitted to the theatre after a certain time.

For some performances, there may be no late seating at all, and latecomers will not be admitted until the interval (if applicable) or a suitable break in the performance. This policy is in place to ensure that the performance is not disrupted and that other patrons are not disturbed.

We recommend that all patrons arrive at the theatre at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of the performance to ensure that they have ample time to find their seats, use the restroom, and purchase any necessary refreshments. This will also reduce the risk of disruption to the performance due to late seating.

Complaints Procedure

We request all customers raise any complaint at the time of their visit and in sufficient time to allow our teams to attempt to resolve any issues that would constitute a breach of contract, complaints of a subjective nature such as quality and/or based upon opinion will be passed on but the venue is not responsible for perception or quality of touring performances. 

It may not always be possible to find an equitable solution to complaints filed after the event and compensation may not be offered.
Post event all event related complaints must be made in writing by e-mail to or by using our Live Chat available via our website.