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About Us

About Us

Bath Pavilion was originally designed and built as Baths’ premium venue for recreation and entertainment, with over 100 years history for holding live music. Bath Pavilion is situated between the Bath Rugby Club and Bath Cricket Ground on land forming part of the original Bathwick Estate owned by The Forester Family. The Bath and County Recreation Ground Company (Ltd) formed in 1894 originally opened the building in 1910 as the Somerset County Skating Rink offering all year round roller-skating. It was a premium venue with a solid rock maple floor and three sessions a day held to live music entertainment as well as offering food and refreshments. Unusually it was the third roller-skating rink in Bath competing with two other venues in but it remained as one of the largest in the County of Somerset attracting visitors from far and wide.

Bath Pavilion was later bought by the local Bath and North Somerset Council and in November 1930 it renamed the building “The Bath Pavilion” and reopened it to the Public as a Music Concert Hall. The very popular and community focused Mayor of Bath, Mr Alderman T.Sturge Cotterell MBE.JP, had been very much behind the reopening of the building and his intentions was to turn it into the finest music entertainment venue in Bath.