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Steve Backshall Inspires The Nation with Exciting ITV Interview Unveiling 'The Ocean' Tour!

Steve Backshall's 'Ocean': A Thrilling Dive into the Wonders of Our Seas


In a captivating homage to the world's most exhilarating environment, Steve Backshall's 'Ocean' is making waves as a heartwarming tribute and an urgent call to action for our precious seas. Delving into his adventurous TV career spanning two decades, Steve promises an unforgettable experience for viewers of all ages, combining daring stunts, jaw-dropping experiments, and mesmerizing big-screen footage.

From the majestic Great whites to the gentle giants of the ocean, the Great whales, 'Ocean' is a kaleidoscope of marine life, featuring everything from playful seals to mesmerizing sardine shoals, and even the enigmatic Orca and the oddities dwelling in the mysterious depths. This thrilling production brings to life the icons of the Big Blue like never before, igniting a passion for marine conservation in the hearts of its audience.

But 'Ocean' is more than just entertainment; it's a rallying cry to protect our seas. Amid the awe-inspiring spectacle, Steve Backshall also sheds light on the pressing issues faced by our oceans and what we must do to preserve them. Through cutting-edge science and heartfelt narration, 'Ocean' serves as a great educational tool, enlightening viewers about the critical steps needed to safeguard the marine ecosystems that sustain life on Earth.

A must-see for the entire family, 'Ocean' offers a fantastic opportunity to immerse ourselves in the wonders beneath the waves and rediscover the profound connection we share with the ocean's inhabitants. Steve Backshall's passion for the marine world shines through every frame, leaving a lasting impact that inspires, educates, and empowers audiences to become guardians of the seas.

Prepare to be awestruck, inspired, and informed as 'Ocean' takes you on a journey you won't soon forget. Dive deep into this extraordinary experience and join Steve Backshall on an expedition like no other, exploring the boundless beauty of our oceans and understanding the crucial role we all play in securing their future.